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In order to save money, the owners of most small websites decide to use shared hosting. This means that many different websites are hosted on the same web server. Typically, this is not a problem because one server can handle quite a bit of traffic and processing, and most small websites do not really require an entire server to run.

However, there are several different shared hosting options that you can select from. Your best choice will depend upon what you need today and what you plan for the future.

Typical Shared Web Host Options

-- Single Domain

-- Multiple Or Unlimited Domains

-- Reseller Hosting

Single domain hosting is the cheapest and simplest option, but it is also the least flexible. You simply purchase an account to host a single website with a single domain name or URL. You may be limited by the bandwidth and storage allowed with these accounts too, but they should be adequate to host one small website.

Multiple or unlimited domain hosting is usually a little more expensive, but it is also much more flexible. You can begin your account with a single domain. However, you are free to set up multiple websites on one account.

Usually, future sites will exist as subdirectories of the main site as far as the server is concerned. However, you can point your unique domain names right to these subdirectories, so this will be transparent to any visitors that come to your site. To them it will look like they are visiting different websites.

Reseller Hosting

Even though reseller hosting might exist on shared hosting, it can be very popular. You are free to use your hosting to set up as many domains as you can host given the bandwidth and storage limitations on our account. Of course, these are usually much more generous than they are on single-domain accounts.

You are also free to sell hosting yourself to other people. This can be a very convenient option if you plan to develop websites for clients. You can offer them hosting as an upsell or part of your package deal.

Operating System Options

Besides selecting a type of plan, you can also choose an operating system. Most shared hosts run on Unix/Linux. However, you do not have to be a Unix expert to use your host as most of them have a simple user interface. You can also find hosts that run Windows, and you might prefer this in some cases.